DATE              PERFORMER

8/22/20            Robin James & Jordyn Pepper

9/13/20            ALMA online Sundays at 6         

9/18+19/20     Annual Celebration & Arts Festival

10/4/20            ALMA online Sundays at 6 

10/24/20          Jon Chandler

11/1/20            ALMA online Sundays at 6 

Advance Tickets are available online

and at the Green Spot through the 

day before the event.

General Admission Tickets are available

online and at the Green Spot on the 

day of the event.

Green Spot

711 State Avenue, 

Alamosa, CO 81101

Call 719-580-7838

for last minute reservations.

Sundays at Six - Waverly Road

Streaming Online

October 04, 2020

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