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Society Hall Is Thrilled to Present the Amazing Double Bill of Ray Bonneville and Seth Walker! Doors open at 6:30pm

Monday, April 22, 2024 at 1:30:00 AM UTC

We at Society Hall are so excited to have these two amazing artists sharing a show at Society Hall!

Ray Bonneville is described as "Bluesy Americana stripped down to its essentials and steeped in a humid southern vibe" which sort of covers it but doesn't describe the power of the deep groove he delivers through that bluesy grit. An amazing talent on guitar, harp, and vocals, he will transport you to many compelling places along his musical journeys.

Whether performing solo or fronting a band, playing electric or acoustic guitar, Bonneville allows space between notes that adds potency to every chord, lick, and lyric. Often called a “song and groove man,” he began writing his own musicafter two decades working as a studio musician, playing rowdy rooms with blues bands, and living hard. He’s since released nine albums, won Canada’s Juno award and other prestigious honors, earned wide critical acclaim, and garnered an enthusiastic following in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Seth Walker has been collecting rabid fans since he appeared on the Americana scene many years ago. Says Society Hall board member and area musician and producer Don Richmond, “I had the opportunity to see Seth and his trio a couple years ago at the Four Corners Folk Fest, and I have to say it was the coolest and most engaging set of music I've seen in a long time – effortless and fluid, cruising through and across stylistic boundaries like they never existed, seemingly focused on one thing – connecting with the people and lifting them up. Don't miss this guy!”

Over the last decade, Seth Walker has become recognized as one of the most revered Americana artists in the United States; a three dimensional talent who combines a gift for melody and lyric alongside a rich, Gospel-drenched, Southern-inflected voice with a true blue knack for getting around on the guitar.

In 2022, Walker released, ‘I Hope I Know,’ his eleventh studio album. Produced by Jano Rix of The Wood Brothers, the collection is a beacon of light, written and recorded during the dark times of the pandemic. Each song burns bright with what fans have come to love about Walker: stylistically diverse influences, pure soul in his delivery, contemplative lyrics, and musical movement both geographic and spiritual.

Don't miss one of the most amazing evenings of music Society Hall has ever hosted - Ray Bonneville and Seth Walker sharing the stage at Society Hall!

Society Hall Welcomes Famed Texas Singer-Songwriter George Ensle.

Doors open at 6:30pm

Sunday, April 28, 2024 at 1:30:00 AM UTC

During the 60’s Houston Folk Music scene George was sharing stories, songs, and stages with Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Billy Joe Shaver. And after more than five decades he still maintains the essence of that folk tradition, the story song.

George has released 15 albums in the US and Europe and was inducted into the Houston Folk Music Archives, the Corpus Christi Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the South Austin Pop Culture Museum. He's been awarded government grants to serve as Artist in the Schools in economically disadvantaged school districts and published two books of his students' work. His song, “Build A Bridge” was adopted by the Build a Bridge Foundation for Healing through the Arts, and included on the “Music to Life” CD. Five songs he wrote with children at the Hill Country Youth Ranch for abused and abandoned children were included on their “Brand New Start" CD. He created PortraitSongs, a custom songwriting service, and partnered with Swan Songs to write songs honouring the life stories of those on hospice. His songs have been featured in movies, and his own Movie-In-Song, “Small Town Sundown,” includes poetry and songs he's performed as a one man song-play. His songwriting has won numerous competitions, including the American Songwriter Festival, the Kerrville Folk Festival, and the Texas Heritage Songwriters Association Songwriter U. He has been an official showcase Artist at Southwest Regional Folk Alliance conference, and served as Producer on Album projects for other Songwriters. He was nominated as Songwriter of the Year by the Texas Music Academy.

A member of the Texas Arts Commission Touring Roster, George conducts songwriting workshops and performs for schools, libraries, and the special needs community, while maintaining a robust touring schedule filled with Festivals, Clubs, Coffeehouses, Churches, and House Concerts. He also serves as an ambassador for Soldier Songs and Voices, teaching songwriting to veterans and active duty personnel.

His performances are filled with wit, wisdom, grit, and always hope, accompanying his edgy vocals with intricate fingerstyle guitar, resonator, and keyboard.

Society Hall Welcomes Back the World Music Extravaganza of Radio Free Bassanda! Doors open at 6:30pm

Saturday, May 4, 2024 at 1:30:00 AM UTC

Balkan Beat Masters ¡Radio Free Bassanda! return to Alamosa to heat up late spring with their eclectic mix of exotic Eastern rhythms and dizzying melodic frenzy. Music from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kurdistan, Armenia, North Africa, Medieval Spain, and New Mexico all delivered with RFB’s trademark rockin’ approach.

¡Radio Free Bassanda! brings a wide range of repertoire and instrumentation to their performances. Their use of both Eastern and Western instruments affords them a broad timbral palette with which to weave their sound pictures. Energetic and complex rhythms challenge the ear and the feet!

Roger Landes: bouzouki, oud
Chipper Thompson: dumbeq, darabukka, zarb
Ben Wright: double bass
Jack Boaz: Violin
Jordan Langehennig: clarinet, qanun, gajda, zurna, oud, dulcimer, accordion, tin whistle

Society Hall Welcomes Sarah Lee Guthrie to the Stage! Doors open at 6:30pm

Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 1:30:00 AM UTC

Let's see - folksingers named Guthrie - do any come to mind? Yes, she is from THOSE Guthries, as in Arlo's daughter and Woody's granddaughter. It's pretty hard to avoid those coattails, but she doesn't need to ride on anyone else's reputation - she's doing just fine on her own!

Sarah Lee Guthrie’s lineage is undeniable. But if you close your eyes and forget that her last name is synonymous with the river-legacy of a widening current of Americana folk music, you’d still be drawn to the clarity and soul behind her voice. There is a gentle urgency to her interpretations of the songs she sings and the classic music of her heritage. It flows from the continuity of her family, her vital artistic life today, and the songs that have guided her to where she now stands.

It’s been hinted at since she first stepped on the stages of Wolf Trap and Carnegie Hall as a teenager in 1993 singing Pete Seeger’s “Sailin’ Down My Golden River” for sold-out audiences. Decades down the road, Sarah Lee Guthrie is in full bloom. 

Sarah Lee Guthrie now ventures on her own path, the rich culture of her family running through the warmth of her own bloodlines. In early 2023, the singer-songwriter, settled in Austin, TX, went into the studio with a notebook full of brand-new songs and older material she’d been saving for the perfect moment.

Born out of these sessions, debut single “Honey and the Dew” is a charming love story brimming with old-style fiddle and pedal steel. “I wrote ‘Honey and the Dew’ probably about 10 years ago and as the world would have it, it took all this time to be in the right hands at the right time and believe me it was worth the wait!” A follow-up single is on the horizon.

Sarah Lee Guthrie has the kind of range that only a precious few career-artists command. Armed only with her voice and a Gibson acoustic, she brings festival crowds to a hush. Under her joyful spell, children audiences squeal with delight—clapping, singing, and learning through song. In the dim sway of the late-night honky tonks, old-guard cowboys and Austin hipsters stand side by side and slow dance to the songs of the Guthrie Girls.

Pick your moment.

This is a rare opportunity to witness the growth of one of America's finest young folk singers.

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